In the last year I’ve mentioned a couple of times (here and here). It is an online storage site. They provide you with 1GB of space for free and you pay if you want more than that. They just recently started a new service called It allows you to share files up to 10MB in size:

Add a photo, song, document, video, or file into your facebook notes, myspace, or blog.

They host the file for you. So essentially you can use this as a file hosting service similar to I’m not sure what restrictions there are, but this could come in handy.

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  • I’ve tried to store 100 GB of my files, music and videos at an online storage provide like Flipdrive and Mediamax. Does it really work during day-to-day usuage? How much does it cost? Can it replace your local harddrive(s)? Check out my report at my blog if you’re interested.

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