512MB CompactFlash card for $1.99

I don’t usually pass along “good deals”. There are lots of other sites that do that. But this one is really quite exceptional. Crucial Technology has a promotion (it ends September 1) where you can get a 512MB Compact Flash card for only $1.99 after rebate. The card is $26.99 with a $25 mail-in rebate. There is free shipping when you spend $40. So you could buy 2 cards for $53.98, get free shipping, then get $50 in rebates, and end up paying only $3.98 for 1 GB of cards. Not Bad.


You can learn more about the deal on the Crucial web site. If your camera, pda, or other digital media device uses these cards, it’s a great deal. If only they had this deal on SD cards!

UPDATE: Apparently it is only 1 rebate per customer. So in order to get free shipping, you’ll have to order something else as well to get your order total to $40. Domestic shipping is very reasonable. It is only $3, so if you still went ahead with it, you’d end up with a 512 MB CompactFlash card for $4.98. Still quite a good deal…

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  • Good luck to you . If you expect to get a refund via Tiger Direct
    Dont hold your breath . I will never ever buy anything from Tiger Direct again, I have 4 rebates I got screwed on

  • When the rebate was first posted, the rebate was available directly from Crucial. Now the site is saying they are sold out and to get it from Tiger Direct. John’s warning above is very true. I know lots of people who have had difficulties getting rebates from Tiger Direct.

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