Viewing America in high resolution

From TechRepublic:

In an age when most cameras are digital and small enough to fit in a pocket, one couple is crisscrossing the country with a custom camera that needs its own van and uses film reels the size of shoeboxes.

That might seem like an awfully cumbersome load, but the results of the innovative project are groundbreaking–images containing an eye-popping 4 billion pixels.

“The original intent was to see if you could even do it,” said Graham Flint, a retired nuclear physicist, who along with his wife, Catherine Aves, set out to photograph 1,000 American cities as part of a vast undertaking known as the Gigapxl Project’s Portrait of America.
Flint, 68, and Aves, 52, are now six years into their “retirement project.” Their photography, at once a hobby and an engineering project, is relying on the highest-resolution photography in the world to create a genuine, interactive article of Americana.

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