How We Use the Web Today

From BusinessWeek:

Just how do Americans get their news and entertainment over the Web? And how does the Web stack up against TV, newspapers, and other media when it comes to media consumption? Those are questions that advertisers have long wrestled to answer, with mixed results. Sure, you can give people a survey. But that doesn’t always yield truthful responses. Ball State University’s Center for Media Design came up with an approach they’re hoping will provide a more accurate picture. They followed subjects for an entire day to find out for themselves.

The study, they say, gives one of the clearest glimpses of the Internet’s media influence, especially during the working day. More than 60% of participants use the Web during the day, vs. 40% for newspapers, and about 30% for magazines, according to the study, commissioned by the Online Publishers Assn., of which is a member. And at work, the Web dominates media consumption, the researchers say.

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