Poll: Four in 10 Americans play video games

From CNN:

Rather than reach for the television remote control when she wants to be entertained, Karalyn Valente goes online to play “EverQuest,” “Ultima Online” and other video games — a gaming habit shared by millions in the United States.

Valente, a 29-year-old graphic artist from York, Pennsylvania, said she devotes about 30 hours a week in vast online worlds and spent more than $1,500 on games last year.

“I watch less and less TV. I turn it on and the shows are just idiotic,” Valente said. “When I play the games, I actually look through the character’s eyes. I actually become the character.”

According to a new AP-AOL Games poll, 40 percent of American adults play games on a computer or a console. Men, younger adults and minorities were most likely to play those games.

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