Read the Manual – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

One of the most basic tips that I can offer is also one that can really yield a lot of results, and one that is often forgotten. Read your manuals.

Today’s digital cameras, even the simple point and shoot ones, have a lot of features that you may not even be aware of, let alone use. My mother recently purchased a Canon Rebel XT, a digital SLR, for my father. The most important thing I could tell him was to read his manual. If your camera has a few features, you may be able to go over the whole manual in one shot. If it has a lot of features, do it over a period of time, reading and learning each new feature one at a time. When you read the manual, have the camera beside you so that you can follow along with the instruction in the manual.

Is there something about digital photography you would like to know? Why don’t you send me your questions and I will do what I can to answer them. Send a picture along and I might include in a future tip.

The digital photography tip of the week is written by the PCIN Assistant Editor, Chris Empey. Chris is a long time photographer and is currently the vice-president of the Niagara Falls Camera Club. You can see more of his photography at his Photo of the Day website.
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