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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the new Google Page Creator Beta. When I heard about it a few days ago, I went to sign up for an account, and as is usually the case, with their beta releases, they had stopped allowing new sign-ups. I went again today, and was able to login with my existing Google Account, and started to create a page. You can see it at

It is nice enough to use, but I’m not sure what their target user base is. Who is going to use it?

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  • I also used google page creator to make a web page for my dental office:
    I found the page creator very frustrating to use; I couldn’t put text under graphics for instance. I am a complete newbie to web design and know nothing about html, so this site was perfect for me, but needs more features or better how-tos somewhere to tell you how to do stuff. I had to do some of the layouts over and over until I got what I wanted. It shouldn’t be that hard

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