SearchTHIS: Google and Privacy

From iMedia Connection:

There is a giant rock screaming toward earth and we have only eight days to stop it. It’s what the movie “Armageddon” called a global killer. Who will help us? Just like in the movie, the federal government has broken into the patent office to steal the plans for the world’s biggest and best drill. We’ll fly up to the asteroid, drill a hole in it and blow that sucker sky high from the inside out.

Phew! Another crisis averted.

Of course, the government’s smartest scientists couldn’t get the drill right, so the guy who made it had to fly to the asteroid and do it himself. Patents might not apply to outer space, but what about cyberspace? In times of crisis can the government just break in and take what they want? Who determines the level of desperation needed for an all access pass?

Just when you thought your most private of thoughts were safe, the Justice Department has issued subpoena’s to Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! and Google to support yet another serious crisis.

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