I haven’t tried the software, but it sounds interesting:

SetNameToTime is a program designed to batch rename digital camera pictures using free text, counters and information extracted from the file’s exif header. The new file names is based on the new name format settings controlled by the user. The new name format is specified using new name format tags.

After having a digital camera for more than a couple of days you end up with hundreds of pictures. Now starts the process of sorting and renaming these hundreds or even thousands of pictures. Straight from the camera the pictures have names like img00221.jpg or some other equally meaningless name. You may start putting your files in different folders. One for each year, month or day. You may use some program to rename the files using text and counters. If you are lucky the program sorts your pictures in the correct order first, if not you may end up with a total mess.

SetNameToTime will take care of a lot of these problems. By using the date and time the picture was shot as part of the new file name the pictures will always be sorted in the correct chronological order. The pictures will have a unique name. You will easily find that picure from May 05, 2003. You can still include free text and counters if you want to.

The program is free to try, and $15 to register. Check it out!

Leave a comment if you know of other programs that do the same thing.

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