Megachurches and the Gospel of Customer Relationship Management

From Baseline Magazine:

Megachurches like the 25,000-member World Changers of Atlanta can teach corporations the true meaning of customer relationship management.

How? Not only do they manage the logistics of having thousands of members show up on a single day and still go home singing their praises, they also manage the information about those members in ways few commercial companies can match.

By analyzing and responding to members, the World Changers has learned how to encourage first-timers to join, long-timers to stay active, get volunteers to contribute more time, get contributors to put in more money and get everyone to buy a little more at the church store.

They can also track who’s sick, who’s related to who, who might be enticed to come back after a period away, and who might be becoming discontent and might abandon ship.

World Changers does it with slick customer relationship management and aggressive customer care.

This was a fascinating article and highly recommend it. Whether or not you beleive what the church is preaching, you have to admire their technology and willingness to use it.

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