Googleites Gripe About Sloppy Service

From eWeek:

Michele Neylon was once very happy with Urchin Software Corp., which provides a service to analyze Web site traffic.

But ever since search giant Google Inc. bought Urchin in March, he’s changed his tune. His problem is with Google’s customer service.

“If you choose to deal with Urchin in the Google era, you will not get any personal attention and will have no indication of who you are actually dealing with. For all I know, all my e-mails could be answered by a computer,” said the managing director of Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd., a Web hosting and domain registrar.

“Everybody loves Google. Google can do no wrong. I would disagree.”

Since its launch in 1995, Google Inc. has built up a 400 million-plus customer following that arguably has the same level of endearment as the infamously-smitten Apple Computer devotees.

But the honeymoon is clearly now ending. An uncharacteristically high level of frustration about Google, and more specifically its customer service, has been boiling away for months, according to online rants, Google customer surveys and several recent interviews with Google users.

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