Windows Live Mobile beta

The Microsoft Connect web site has a listing of current beta programs that you can apply to join. I applied to join the Windows Live Mobile beta, and there are 10 questions to answer. I answered that I didn’t have a phone to test the service on, and that I was only willing to answer survey questions. I submitted the form, and the next morning I had a welcome email.
They obviously don’t have very high requirements to join the beta.

As of right now, the following beta programs are available from this site:

  • Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Beta
  • Windows Network Developer Platform
  • OneNote 2003
  • Windows in italiano
  • DirectX SDK Public Beta Program
  • SSMA V2
  • Commerce Server 2006 Public Beta
  • Windows Live beta for Mobile (UK)
  • Windows Live Mobile beta (USA)

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