Save 50% on your WinZip 10.0 upgrade

I received this email early this morning:

Dear WinZip Customer,

Because you already use WinZip, we thought that you’d like to know about the additional benefits of our latest release — WinZip 10.0.

What’s more, you can upgrade now and SAVE 50% off the list price:

New in WinZip 10.0:

> View All Files At-A-Glance and Drill Down Quickly
** WinZip 10.0’s new Explorer-style view makes it easy to navigate and organize complex, multi-folder Zip files.

> Send Emails Faster and Conserve More Disk Space
** WinZip 10.0 leverages state-of-the-art compression technology to create even smaller Zip files.

SAVE $15 if you upgrade to WinZip 10.0 Standard now for only $14.95 at:

Read on to learn the additional benefits that WinZip 10.0 PRO offers for only $10 more.

> Automate Repetitive Tasks
** Upgrade to WinZip 10.0 PRO and use our new WinZip Job Wizard to handle predefined data backup jobs and easily create zip jobs that run automatically.

> Zip Directly to CDs and DVDs
** No need to zip to your hard drive first. WinZip 10.0 PRO allows you to skip a step by zipping directly to CDs and DVDs. Large Zip files will even span multiple disks automatically.

SAVE $25 if you upgrade to WinZip 10.0 PRO now for only $24.95 at:

Need more information? View our online demo to learn all of the benefits of WinZip 10.0 Standard and WinZip 10.0 PRO:

Or visit our product information page:

Please note that registration codes for previous versions of WinZip will not function with WinZip 10.0.

SAVE 50% if you upgrade now at:


Thank you for supporting WinZip!

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