Internet Explorer Setup Switches

Microsoft used to let you download a complete version of IE for you to save to your computer. They don’t do that anymore. Now you download an IESETUP file that is only 300kb or so. It then downloads all the files that are needed for installation. There are temp files left on the hard drive, but these are only the files you need on your computer. What do you do if you want a complete copy that you can use on any computer?

Microsoft has provided a couple of document to let you know what options are available when you are running IESETUP.

You might want to control the way that Windows Update Setup runs for your users. You can use command-line switches to choose the installation mode, specify a quiet mode (which removes or reduces the prompts the user receives), or control whether the computer is restarted after installation.

This method is generally for enterprise users, but any user can benefit from it.

MSKB 257249 – Download-only installation of Internet Explorer 6.0, Internet Explorer 5.5, or Internet Explorer 5.1 in Windows XP or in Windows 2000

MSKB 200007 – Internet Explorer Batch Mode Setup Switches

MS TechNet – Internet Explorer Batch-mode Setup Switches

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ie6setup.exe switches

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