WindowBlinds 5 has been released

Quite a while ago Chris reviewed Object Desktop by StarDock. I received this email yesterday regarding the latest release of WindowBlinds, a part of the Object Desktop package:

WindowBlinds 5 has been released and it has a ton of new features including:

1) Per-Pixel alpha blended support for title bars, borders, and controls. This means you can have glassy titlebars and borders, smooth edges, and just plain spectacular looking desktops.

2) MUCH faster. WindowBlinds 5 makes use of hardware acceleration to a much greater degree. On systems with a recent ATI Radeon (last couple of years) or nVidia Geforce card will likely find WindowBlinds 5 to be faster than Windows is by default!

3) No more dedicated program. WindowBlinds 5 doesn’t require any stay resident program. It’s incredibly light on system resources.

4) Tons of tweaks, new controls skinned and more.

We hope you find these features to be cool and interesting!


WindowBlinds home page:

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