DVD to Pocket PC 3.0 Software Review

Back in January I contacted Makayama Interactive to review their DVD to Pocket PC 2.0 software. I played with it when I first got it, but then months went by without even looking at it. I recently started to test it again, and discovered that version 3.0 had been released. Makayam Interactive sent me an upgrade key, and I tested the latest version. As I explain in the full review, the software is a great idea, and when it works, I loved it, but it rarely worked. Here are a few excerpts from the review:

Handheld devices are more than just portable calendars. They are increasingly becoming an entertainment platform. It’s easy to transfer music to your handheld device, but how do you get movies to it? Aren’t they too big? Well, this is what Makayama tries to overcome with DVD to Pocket PC 3.0…

The concept behind the software is great, but unfortunately I just ran into too many problems running DVD to Pocket PC 3.0 to enjoy it…

I would definitely recommend that you try the 30-day trial to see how it works for you before you purchase it.

Many of the frustrations can probably be overcome, and I assume will be in future versions. Only time will tell.

Be sure to read the full review

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