Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 Software Review – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

Today’s tip is a summary of my review of Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.

The software is really a combination of two products, Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor and Adobe PhotoShop Elements Organizer. Together they form an indispensable set of tools for the digital photographer. Tagging your images with keywords for easy identification and sorting, variable thumbnail sizes, automatic download of images and red eye reduction when you connect your camera are a few of the features of the Organizer.

The editor offers many of the features available in Photoshop CS2. RAW support, smart blur, Photoshop compatible filters are some of the features of both programs. However, Photoshop Elements 4.0 also offers a magic selection brush to quickly select objects in your image, and a magic extractor tool to remove an object completely (useful for pasting into another image when creating a montage.)

There are many more features to both products that make the low cost (as low at $69.99 US, plus a $20 mail in rebate for those upgrading) of Adobe Photoshop Elements a great buy. I feel that this product will meet all of the needs of almost all amateur serious hobbyist photographers and only those that have a comfortable working knowledge of Photoshop CS2 will miss any feature not in Elements 4.0.

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The digital photography tip of the week is written by the PCIN Assistant Editor, Chris Empey. Chris is a long time photographer and is currently the vice-president of the Niagara Falls Camera Club. You can see more of his photography at his Photo of the Day website.
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  • How is a summary review a “tip?”

  • My goal is to provide tips that will help our readers with their digital photography. Software has become a large part of digital photography. Do a search for Digital Photography Workflow and you will get an idea of how much so. In reviewing software packages, I hope to be able to present to the readers additional ways to improve their digital photography.

  • It would seem VERY obvious that the tip is simply to use the software. Chris obviously thought highly of it, so is recommending it to other people who work with digital images.

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