Paragon Partition Manager 7 Software Review

I recently completed a review of Paragon Partition Manager 7:

As Windows as evolved over the years, Microsoft has added new features/utilities to help manage the software and hardware on a computer. One are where it is still lacking is with partition management. Windows XP (and other NT-based systems) has a built-in Disk Management console where you can delete and create partitions, along with some more advanced features if the disks have been “upgraded” to be dynamic disks. But if you want to move, resize, or copy partitions, you need a third-party utility. And you certainly need a third-party utility to read partitions from other operating systems.

Paragon Software Group over the years has filled this void nicely (see previous review) with their Partition Manager product. I recently had an chance to look at the latest release, Partition Manager 7 Personal Edition.

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