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I’ve mentioned the LangaList before. It’s an informative newsletter put out by Fred Langa. There is a free newsletter, and an extended pay newsletter.

Monday’s free portion of the newsletter had a good tip I wanted to pass on:

5) Linksys Gem

Fred — On the Liinksys issue mentioned in your most recent issue: There is a website( ) devoted entirely to Linksys routers and especially to the WRT54G router. It includes a forum, drivers downloads, and information on modifications you can make to the routers. Most of the information is pretty technical but there are people in the forums willing to explain things in detail. —Jonathan Spencer

Nice find, Jonathan! Combined with for general, non-brand-specific networking help, you ought to be able to remedy just about any networking issue you might encounter!

Also, Fred’s latest article at InformationWeek is about firewalls. Check it out:
Langa Letter: Readers Rate Desktop Firewalls

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