Different ways to start Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Office Assistance web site had some nice tips called Customize how Excel starts. One of the tips is starting Excel is Safe Mode. You may be familiar with Safe Mode for Windows. All versions of Windows since Windows 95 have had a way to start Windows with only basic drivers and software loaded. This way you can possible remove software or other drivers that are causing problems. Well, Safe Mode for Excel works the same way. If you start Excel in Safe Mode, then it will not load any add-ins or other customizations. A quick way to start Excel in Safe Mode is to hold down the CTRL key when you click or double-click on the program icon to start the program.

Note: All Microsoft Office programs have some form of Safe Mode. You can search for help here:
Microsoft Word Safe Mode
Microsoft Excel Safe Mode
Microsoft Outlook Safe Mode
Microsoft Access Safe Mode
Microsoft PowerPoint Safe Mode

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  • Why you don’t have the answer that the question ask.. this is my question.. Why are Microsoft Excel for windows important now a days? and i have a more question, this is so very easy if you cannot answer this i think that stop the program you are working at.. How do you start Microsoft Excel for windows? I know the answer i just try if you know really the answer…!!!

  • 1st you will click the “Start Button” then select “All Programs” then select “Microsoft Office” then the last step is select “Microsoft Excel” then the Microsoft Excel will appear…!!!

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