Freeware host monitoring with alerting and graphical multiping

Another press release I received:

I’ve just found your e-mail – and since, as far as I remember, you are the network manager, I wanted to tell you about our newest program – Axence NetTools 2.0. NetTools is a host monitoring solution with alerting and a set of several IP tools (it comes in two versions: freeware and Professional).

Do you remember the last time you learned about problems with your network from users or – even worse – from your boss? Well, I experienced the same thing in the past. But now NetTools can make sure that you are the first to know, every time. You can set multiple thresholds so that NetTools will notify you by e-mail, message or warning sound in case of any problems (i.e. host not responding or slower connection).

It will also show how your network connections are performing – you will know the response time and packet loss rate on a minute-by-minute basis. With this kind of host availability report you can even negotiate a discount from your internet provider whenever you experience problems with their service.

NetWatch – host monitor with alerting


Network, service & port scanner

The freeware version also includes other popular tools like ping, fast trace (full trace in 1 second), lookup (port scanner, network scanner, and SNMP browser in Professional).

What makes NetTools unique is its speed and the highly intuitive user interface.

To download our freeware program, follow the link:

We are currently working on our next, more complex network monitoring solution. It includes interactive graphical network maps (showing status of hosts and the services running on them). This product will also have a full range of host/service monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities. I’ll notify you as soon as it’s ready and I hope to see you at Comdex’05 or BrainShare’06, where we plan to introduce the first release.

Best Regards,
Greg Oleksy

Axence Software, Inc.
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Wilmington, DE 19809, USA
Phone: +1 (866) 303-8787 (toll free)

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