$100 Laptop Effort Gains Momentum

From PC Magazine:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s plan to deliver low-cost laptop computers to children in developing nations and impoverished American students is moving forward, according to Nicholas Negroponte, chairman and co-founder of the school’s Media Lab.

Speaking at M.I.T.’s ongoing Emerging Technologies Conference, Negroponte confirmed that five countries—Brazil, China, Egypt, South Africa and Thailand—are already putting plans in place to distribute as many as 15 million of the devices.

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  • Are $100 Laptops A Reality?
    A group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are trying to get computers into the hands of every kid that they the can. They felt children and students should not be held back by the financial burdens a computer may

  • With the falling price of technology I can easily see this becoming a reality. When laptops become standard issue in 3rd world countries we really will have a global network.

  • The falling price of computers is a great thing but it’s access to the Internet that makes that computer – and other devices – a useful tool and unfortunately, the competitive landscape in the US isn’t driving innovation for internet connectivity.

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