Reader Todd emailed me the following:

For users on dial-up, there is help getting the mega downloads such as Open office or a Linux OS. Even at a full 56k a few hundred MB can take days. It can be faster and more convienient to request the download from On-disk.com
They will download, burn and ship. For customers in the US most orders arrive within 4 business days.

The website describes the service this way:

On-Disk.com is a Download & Burn Service
This makes it possible to obtain downloads that otherwise may be difficult; such as large downloads over dial-up, or when needing to install software on another computer, or to have necessary security updates on hand before installing/reinstalling an operating system.

I haven’t tried it (I have no need for it), but if you are still on dial-up and don’t have someone who can do this for you, it may be useful.

Check it out at http://on-disk.com/

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