WinBackup 2.0

I recently received an email from Kevin J. Vella, the PR Manager for Uniblue, a global software development company. He passed along information about their WinBackup 2.0 product, “an extremely powerful backup and restore solution that is already proving to be highly popular.”

WinBackup 2.0 is not just an improved version. After two years in development, the software has a wealth of features that make it better that its predecessor in every conceivable way.

In relation to ease-of-use we have kept to our tradition of being the leader in the market. The WinBackup 2.0 graphical-user interface is extremely user-friendly, highly intuitive and has been designed to allow anyone to start using the product within minutes of installing it. WinBackup also has a set of default Shortcuts which link automatically to the more popular Windows applications including all common web browsers and email programs, and to the ‘Documents and Settings’ folder. In this way, non-technical users are able to backup all their important data instantly at the click of a button.

Available in three versions WinBackup Standard, Professional or Server, we are now able to cater for home users as well as businesses. Please follow this link to learn more about WinBackup: .

I haven’t tried the product, but I thought I’d pass the information along.

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