Blogs can help boost a career or sink it

From Yahoo! News:

Terrence Ryan knew Scott McNulty in passing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where they both work.

But it was McNulty’s blog, or Web log, that made Ryan take a harder look. It showed Ryan that McNulty, a systems administrator, really knew computers. More important, it revealed his “geeky love of technology,” a personal quality that “tends to work really well in our department,” Ryan said.

Because of the blog, Ryan offered McNulty, 28, of Philadelphia, a promotion to systems programmer on a team responsible for information-technology services. McNulty took it.

He still writes his blog — a blend of his musings on the personal and technical at — knowing that several of his co-workers and his bosses read it. “It’s had a very positive impact on my career,” he said.

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