Microsoft Online Crash Analysis

The latest issue of Windows IT Pro magazine has an informative article about Windows Error Reporting. Have you ever noticed that when a program crashes on a recent Microsoft operating system, that a little window pops up asking if you want to send an error report? Well, that is the Windows Error Reporting. If you send a report, it gets submitted to Microsoft. Occasionally, it will tell you right away that they have fixed the problem. Recently after an Excel crash, I was informed there were some Office updates available to be installed that may fix the problem. Also, I had a crash on a laptop one night, and OCA told me it was a known problem with my D-Link wireless card. So if you usually click “Don’t Send”, I’d suggest you rethink that and click “Send”.

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Why should I send an error report to Microsoft?
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Google search for OCA help
“online crash analysis”
Google search for WER help
“windows error reporting”

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