Study: Dell customer rating plunges; Apple leads pack

From ComputerWorld:

U.S. consumers lambasted Dell Inc. for poor customer service in a survey conducted last quarter, sending the world’s largest PC vendor into a virtual tie with the rest of the PC market behind the industry-leading efforts of Apple Computer Inc.

For the second year in a row, Apple received the best rating from PC buyers in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, said David Van Amburg, general manager of the ACSI. The University of Michigan compiles the ACSI in numerous product categories by randomly calling U.S. residents and surveying their buying habits, he said.

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  • I used to be treated very good with the Dell, but when I called them recently, they wanted to charge me again for service I am supposed to have paid for until March, 2006 and I was not happy with there doing this since I don’t know where to call and tell them I am not happy.

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