Free Software: Temptation Blocker

Are addicted to a certain web site or to certain software? Then maybe you need help…

I’m in front of my computer constantly and a program I’ve been wanting for a long time is one that would allow me to block certain programs from myself for a set amount of time. A way for the smart part of me to head off the dumb, impulsive lizard part, and a way for me to get more stuff done at the computer…

So, have a major deadline looming or ripe opportunity closing and just don’t have time to waste playing Half Life 2 or checking Bloglines one last time? Well then, add Half Life 2 and Firefox to the list of programs you want to block in Temptation Blocker, set the timer for how long you want to block them and then hit the “Get Work Done!” button.

Now, everytime you try and access Half Life 2 or Firefox, you’ll get a dialog box telling you how much time you have left before you can access that program.

I haven’t tried it, but it sounds interesting. Read more about it at

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