Getting files to other people when email just isn’t an option

Subscriber AGD sent me this: is a pretty useful site for getting files to other people when email just isn’t an option. It’s free and requires no registration. The use that comes to mind is when you want to send one or more people from a chatroom a file but do not wish to share your email or web address. The test file I sent over a month ago is still there (, just contains “test”).

I haven’t tried it myself, but if you have a need for something like this, then check it out.

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  • Really interesting. I uploaded a file to the sight… Now if only I knew how to tell my friends how to view it.

  • When you upload the file, it tells you it was successful and then give syou the address. I uploaded a zip file on my desktop called and when it was done uploading it gave the following message:

    Your file was saved. We’ll keep it one year.

    You can download your file here:

    You should have seen the same thing.

  • I uploaded a test file, but I didn’t get anything to tell me how to retrieve the file. How do you remove the file from the storage?

  • I don’t think you can. I think everything is deleted that is more than a year old. But no one knows the name of the file unless they guess it or you send it to them.
    I’d suggest that you try and upload the test file again, and look for the message that I mentioned in a previous comment.

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