It’s all the rage

From the July 8, 2005 issue of Network World Canada (I tried to find it online as well, but couldn’t):

We’ve all heard of road rage and now comes the new phenomenon of PC rage. A recent survey in the United States found four out of five PC users would swear at their machines with some smashing their keyboards, computers and mice. The study entitled “Rage Against the Machine” was conducted by the University of Maryland via an online multilingual survey. One of the findings noted 10 per cent of males have hit a computer, 20 per cent hit their monitor and have broken their computer while 80 per cent just cursed their PCs. The main culprit of people’s frustrations has been the amount of time it takes to fix their computer. Right now, PC rage seems to be confined to the U.S. and parts of Europe but is beginning to spread around the world.

You can find lots of websites that mention this study by searching Google.

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