Microsoft security guru: Jot down your passwords

From TechRepublic:

Companies should not ban employees from writing down their passwords because such bans force people to use the same weak term on many systems, according to a Microsoft security guru.
Speaking on the opening day of a conference hosted by Australia’s national Computer Emergency Response Team, or AusCERT, Microsoft’s Jesper Johansson said that the security industry has been giving out the wrong advice to users by telling them not to write down their passwords. Johansson is senior program manager for security policy at Microsoft.
“How many have (a) password policy that says under penalty of death you shall not write down your password?” asked Johansson, to which the majority of attendees raised their hands in agreement. “I claim that is absolutely wrong. I claim that password policy should say you should write down your password. I have 68 different passwords. If I am not allowed to write any of them down, guess what I am going to do? I am going to use the same password on every one of them.”

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  • Secure Passwords
    ” Jot Down Your Passwords ” : said Jesper Johansson the senior program manager for Security and Policy Services at Microsoft Speaking on the opening day of the AusCERT conference at Australia’s Gold Coast Resort . He continued to say Compani

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