Reading Mac-formatted media

Subscriber John Mood sent me this:

Ever need to read media from an Apple system? Can’t dig those files off the MacIntosh CD you have been trying to look at? Showing NOTHING on a Mac disc under XP?
Have no fear, you can download a fully functional limited term demo of MacDrive 6.0 from The price is reasonable if you need to buy it too. It will also allow you to burn a Mac formatted CD or DVD if you have data to trade with Mac users. As well, you can format a floppy for a Mac user too.
I recently bought a disc (without looking at the media type) about the USS Carl Vincent, a Nimitz class nuclear powered aircraft carrier and wanted to see the Quicktime movies, but couldn’t even look at the file list. MacDrive allowed me to copy all the content to my PC and wow! The deck of the carrier is over 4 acres. My whole apartment complex would fit on the flight deck!

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