Stiching Together Photos

I first read about this in the LangaList newsletter. Someone had emailed Fred and told him about this utility that automatically puts photos together to make it a panoramic photo. Well, it just so happens that yesterday Chris and I were at Brick City in Niagara Falls, and Chris had taken several pictures in order to make it a panorama shot.

Brick City Niagara Falls first shot Brick City Niagara Falls second shot Brick City Niagara Falls third shot Brick City Niagara Falls fourthshot Brick City Niagara Falls fifth shot


I know this example isn’t the best since it is so small, but you can see a lot of duplication between the first and second photo, and slight overlap between the fourth and fifth. The software is able to determine what is in common, blend them together, and make the nice single panoramic shot.

The software is called Autostich. It is still under development, but seems to work exactly as advertised. There is nothing to install… just a zip file you download and extract the executable.

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