Mitnick: Security depends on workers’ habits

From TechRepublic:

Famed ex-hacker Kevin Mitnick is warning against security strategies that focus on technology. Rather, teaching your staff to say no will help keep your network secure, he says.
Mitnick, a cyberspace legend known for having penetrated the networks of such companies as Motorola and Nokia, spoke Thursday at Toshiba’s MobileXchange conference in Melbourne, Australia.

“What you can find in the trash is simply amazing. People throw out notes, drafts of letters, printouts of source code.”
–Kevin Mitnick

Mitnick led the FBI on a 15-year manhunt that ended in 1995, and he ended up behind bars for nearly four years. Older and seemingly wiser, he now uses his skills for good as a Los Angeles-based security consultant.

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