WinZip(R) Companion for Outlook(R)

I’ve been a WinZip user for years (ever since I paid for the product). I received this email yesterday afternoon:

We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new product,
WinZip(R) Companion for Outlook(R).
WinZip Companion for Outlook makes it easy for users of Microsoft(R) Outlook to zip and encrypt attachments to outgoing e-mail messages.
Zipping attachments saves transmission time, conserves space in Outlook mailboxes, and saves disk space for both the sender and recipient of the e-mail message.
The Companion can be configured to automatically zip your attachments, to ask whether or not you want them zipped, or to let you zip and attach files manually with just a few mouse clicks. Toolbar and menu items allow you to control the Companion’s functionality on a message-by-message basis.
For more information regarding WinZip Companion for Outlook, and to download the evaluation version for a 45-day trial, please visit:

I don’t have a need for this sort of utility, but I’ve had people email asking for recommendations of utilities that do this. I haven’t tried this (and don’t really plan on it), but knowing the quality of the WinZip products, it is probably quite good.

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