All This, and They Take Pictures, Too

From the NYT:

Every occupation entails answering certain frequently asked questions at parties. If you’re a jeweler, it may be, ‘Do you ever give discounts to friends?’ If you’re a therapist, it’s, ‘Can I ask you about this hypothetical guy I know?’ If you’re a dermatologist, it’s, ‘Will you just have a quick look at this thing on my back?;
And if you’re a technology columnist, it’s, ‘What digital camera should I get?’
Since 2001, I’ve conducted semiregular roundups of the latest digital cameras. (To prevent the FedEx boxes from burying my entire front yard, I limit the survey’s entrants to those with a street price under $300.)

Check out this article for a good roundup of current, inexpensive digital cameras.

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