Sunbelt Software CounterSpy Spyware Destroyer

From an email from Sunbelt Software:

People are talking about CounterSpy Spyware Destroyer.
“I ran the latest Adaware, Spybot Search and Destroy, NAV 2005, deleted all cookies, temp files and temp Internet files BEFORE I installed CounterSpy. So how in the heck did CounterSpy find 19 pieces of Spyware, 113 bad cookies and 120 infected registry keys???
WOW!!! Totally amazing piece of software. It was blazingly fast. AdAware usually takes over 1 hour to scan my system. Spybot, about 10 minutes. NAV 2005, about 1 hour. CounterSpy took less than 3 minutes and found stuff the “competition” left behind.”
If you have not done so already, please download your trial copy of CounterSpy here:

We’ve reviewed iHateSpam from Sunbelt Software. Maybe we need to review this!

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  • I have installed and paid for CounterSpy,and yes it is an amazing piece of software. I have yet to utilize all aspects of the software, but I am getting there.
    It automatically does a scan everyday and my system always comes up clean. I highly recommend it.

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