(Almost) Famous PCIN Subscriber

Alex Walcer is a good friend who lives in the same city as me. We go to Church together, we used to work at the same place, and he has been a subscriber to PCIN for years. His brother-in-law, Adrian listens to a Toronto radio station, Mix 99.9, and they have a segment on the Humble and Fred show (the morning show) called “Pull My Finger”. Adrian wrote a short theme for the segment, and the hosts invited him to come into the studio and sing it. Then Adrian invited Alex to go with him to sing with him.

The clips of the show are here:
http://pcin.net/update/stuff/adrianandalex-pullmyfi.mp3 ( about 1.5 MB )
http://pcin.net/update/stuff/adrianandalexshoutouts.mp3 ( about 400 kb )

According to Alex:

The larger clip is when we first got on and did the song, etc. The second clip was when we were heading out of the studio at around 8:30 and they let us back on the air to say some final words. It was a blast and Humble and Fred are really good guys. They invited us back to do the show again on the 23rd at the Humble and Fred Christmas party (we’ve got some practicing to do if you heard the first verse of our song).

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