NORAD Tracks Santa

This is the 50th year that NORAD (NORth American Aerospace Defense Command) has tracked Santa on Christmas Eve. Their tracking site has information in 6 languages, pictures of Santa through the years, along with other interesting Christmas information (did you know Santa has eaten 825246243 cookies?). Check it out at

Top Yahoo! Searches 2004

Yesterday I posted a link to Google’s year-end review of search terms. Well, of course the other search engines have done this as well. Visiting will display Yahoo!’s: Top Movies Searches Top News Searches Top Reality Show Searches Top Olympian Searches Top Music Searches Top Britney Spears Searches Top Music Lyrics Searches Top Auto …

Crossword Help

I don’t do a lot of crossword puzzles, but when I do, I can’t stand leaving a few clues unanswered. I tried just using a search engine to search for answers, but that didn’t work at all. Then when I searched for crossword help, I found the OneAcross web site. You can enter the clue, …

Security alert for Windows XP

From the Ed Bott – Ed Bott – Windows (and Office) Expertise: Security alert for Windows XP blog: Here’s a disturbing report of a Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in Internet Explorer, from Secunia. Note that installing SP2 alone will not protect you from this problem, although it does offer a useful tool to fix it temporarily. …

Microsoft at Year’s End

PressPass reviews some of Microsoft’s key accomplishments of 2004 across a broad range of products and services, and previews some of the news anticipated in 2005. Sure, it was written by Microsoft people for journalists, so of course everything looks rosey, but it’s still worth a look. Check it out at

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