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Media-Convert: Web-based converter for most everything

I saw this on Download Squad… Media-Convert is a fairly impressive web service that will convert a file from one file format to another. That sounds pretty benign, but what’s impressive is how many formats it supports. There’s a good chance Media-Convert supports almost every document on you computer, including dozens of audio and video …

512MB CompactFlash card for $1.99

I don’t usually pass along “good deals”. There are lots of other sites that do that. But this one is really quite exceptional. Crucial Technology has a promotion (it ends September 1) where you can get a 512MB Compact Flash card for only $1.99 after rebate. The card is $26.99 with a $25 mail-in rebate. …

Goggles – The Google Maps Flight Simulator

Goggles is a Google Maps flight simulater you play in your browser. There are a bunch of predefined locations or you can use your own location (through a bit of work). Here is a link to fly over Niagara Falls. Hint: Head east until you reach the river then turn south.

Digital cameras ‘not backed up’

From BBC News: About one-third of digital camera users in the UK are not backing up their photographs, reveals research. But at the same time, the survey of 2,227 consumers revealed 89% of those quizzed now own a digital camera or camera-phone. And just under half are taking more than 10 snaps each month.

Free RealPlayer Enterprise

I read about this on the Google Operating System blog… Apparently RealNetworks has a simple version of RealPlayer that business can install. But the thing that makes it appear to businesses, will probably make it appeal to consumers as well: RealPlayer Enterprise gives you the best of RealPlayer you know and use at home, but …

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