Other options for Macro Photography – Choosing a Macro Lens Part 2 – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

Last tip I talked about choosing a macro lens. There are other ways to do macro photography without a dedicated macro lens though. Bellows and extension tubes enable you to move your lens further away from the camera body which in turn enables you to focus closer and get in tighter to your subject resulting in increased magnification. Close up filters attach to the front of your camera like regular filters and also allow you to focus closer and get larger magnifications in your images. Reversing rings let you stack two lenses together, front element to front element. This procedure will also give you some level of magnification though at the cost of ease of use. The options listed here decrease in cost with the bellows costing the most money (without purchasing a dedicated macro lens) and the reversing ring being the least affordable. Flexibility and ease of use decrease in the same manner.  For a more detailed explanation of these items, visit http://potd.chrisempey.com/tips/archives/2008/03/other_options_for_macro_photography_choosing.php.

Until next time, happy shooting.

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