How to Fix a Scratched CD


I came across an article in wikiHow called “How to Fix a Scratched CD“:

While compact discs (CDs) are remarkably durable, it’s nearly impossible to prevent scratches and scuffs from occurring from time to time. The resulting damage can be either a skip in your favorite Bob Marley track or, in the case of data CDs, the loss of that spreadsheet you worked on for two weeks. Don’t despair—repair! While commercial CD repair kits and CD refinishing machines are available, you may be able to repair the damage on your own with products you already have.

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  • the above is fine if you’ve only got one or two discs that are scratched,but the only way to properly fix a scratched cd is by using a commercial cd scratch repair machine. I can recommend the machines that discstation has, I’ve got a Disc go Pod and I fix around 30-50 scratched DVDs per day in my video store with it,

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