The Retro Technology of Tomorrow

From California Computer News:

Last year, someone took a bulky old-style phone and made a cell-phone headset out of it. It was at once the dorkiest and coolest headset around and understandably a big hit online. This is not an isolated case. At Radio Shack, you can now buy modern phones that look so old-fashioned you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of “His Girl Friday.” Revamped Beetles and Mini-Coopers are all over our roadways. Even Atari games are back in vogue. It seems that we all like our technology to be a little retro. Here then are some suggestions for the future of retro technology.

USB Typewriters — I know there are many who miss typewriters. While I can’t imagine writing something from scratch on one of those monstrosities, I have to admit that there is something cool about the clickety-clack of an old typewriter. Soon, I predict that someone will build a USB typewriter.

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