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Welcome to the 183rd issue of the PC Improvement News. PCIN consists mainly of news and tips. There is something for everyone, and if this is your first issue, I'm sure there will be something for you. If you give me two or three issues, I know that you will come back for more!

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I went on and on last week about the beautiful weather we were having. After that, we had a couple of rainy days, but then the last couple of days it has been close to 30° C or 85° F. I know it won't last, but it sure has been nice. Over the winter I did all sorts of work inside the house, and I'm finally getting a chance to work outside. I guess I have "cabin fever".

More updates and additions to the site this week. Still more to come. I sure hope that Chris and I aren't doing all this for nothing. Be sure to pass the newsletter on to your friends, co-workers, family, whomever. Then get them to subscribe. The more people that subscribe, then the better everything else is. There will be more active forum participation, more interest in the polls, more people to send in tips. You get the picture. You can always recommend PCIN by visiting

Graham and Chris

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Snapple Juices Up Web Presence

"Snapple Beverages Group, a subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes PLC, this week inaugurates a new Web site that is part of a $40 million marketing push to make Snapple's line of non-carbonated teas and fruit drinks appealing to its core users and younger consumers.
Instead of a cookie-cutter site that could be mistaken for any other beverage marketers, Snapple created an online town called Snappleton on"

For more info:

Linux fans take on copy control

"Spooked by Hollywood-backed legislation that seeks to regulate technology, Linux geeks plan to launch a political-action committee that fights back.
Jeff Gerhardt, host of 'The Linux Show,' and Doc Searls, senior editor of the Linux Journal, are forming a lobbying group called GeekPAC that would try to convince lawmakers to consider developers when they draft laws concerning technology.
The goal is to ensure that legislative attempts to protect the interests of companies such as Walt Disney and the Baby Bells don't stifle technological development."

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Court Strikes Down Virtual Child Pornography Law

"The Supreme Court today struck down the Child Pornography Protection Act, which prescribes stiff jail terms for the distribution or possession of computer-generated and other simulations of scenes of children engaged in sex. The court said the 1996 law was so broadly worded that it might punish many forms of legitimate expression as well as actual child pornography."

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PayPal Shares Surge Amid eBay Takeover Rumors

"Shares of online payment company PayPal surged in unusually heavy trading as fresh rumors swirled that auction giant eBay is considering a buyout of the newly public company.
According to broadcast reports, eBay and PayPal have been engaged in active merger talks that have yet to yield conclusive results.
Neither company immediately returned calls seeking comment on the reports, but analysts have long said such a match would be a logical move."

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POLL of the WEEK

Here are the responses from the last poll:

How do TV and the Internet come together for you?

I watch TV on my computer                   4.00 % (3)
I surf the Internet on my TV (WebTV, etc.)  2.67 % (2)
I surf on my computer while I watch TV     41.33 % (31)
They don't come together at all            52.00 % (39)

Total votes: 75

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Do you have an MP3 player (other than your computer)?

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Is there a fire-proof way to set password protection in Win98 SE?
After setting up the password and booting up my home PC, I am still able to click on "cancel" in the password window to bypass the whole thing.
What good is this password protection if it doesn't work correctly?


Go here to download Winguides: Windows Registry Guide:
Install Winguides and when installed open Winguides Windows Registry Guide.
In Winguides: Windows Registry Guide select Security / System and look for Force Users To Logon To Windows and click on it.
This will explain how to set it up. It requires setting up a User Profile and editing the registry.

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Check out these new or updated pages on the site:

pdf995 Software Review

CuteZIP Software Review

Updated Registry Tips (now 124)

Annotis Mail 1.1 Software Review

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Where did that DLL come from?

Microsoft is finally getting around to things that others have had available for years. If you needed to know what a specific DLL was used for, you could find it on the web, but never at Microsoft's own web site. Well, they have finally gotten around to putting up a new area of their site that deals with DLLs. Visit and search for information on a DLL by filename. You can also choose specific programs and see what DLLs that program uses. I don't know how complete the list is, but this may be helpful in troubleshooting program errors, maybe even in backing up and restoring certain programs.

CuteZIP Software Review

"One of the essential tools that every computer user must have is a file compression utility. These tools let you uncompress or compress files as needed. Most people associate ZIP files with file compression, as this is the most common type. There are dozens more though. Some operating systems have support built-in, but this is usually very basic, and so the need arises for a third-party utility that will handle file compression/decompression (or archive files). This is where CuteZIP comes in.
My first impression of the program was that it did not have as many features as my current ZIP program, but the more I used it, I found that CuteZip could do things that the other program could not. One thing that CuteZIP really has going for it is support for RAR files. This file compression type can compress files better than ZIP, and so as files get larger, you may be faced with more RAR files. Since CuteZIP has support for this built-in, you won't need to purchase another program.
Overall, CuteZIP is worth the $19.95 cost (it is currently only $9.95 when you purchase it with CuteFTP). It should meet the needs of any standard user. Even if you have an archiving utility, it would still be worth a look. You may find (as I did), that your existing utility doesn't do everything you thought it could."

View the full review online at

Minigolf Online

I know there are all sorts of fancy games online, but check out or for some good Flash miniputt games.

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